Unique Features of Modern Architecture Buildings

Modern architecture is a revolution as compared to the conventional cookie-cutter architecture and is based on the simple principle that says “Form follows function”. This was stated by Louis Sullivan who was the mentor of Frank Lloyd
Wright. According to the philosophy of modern architecture, the architects strive to maintain simplicity in their design and ensure that the structure is congenial to the function, location and situation. According to Wright, the buildings need to define the purpose of construction and should be in accordance with the land on which it is constructed and the person

for which it is being constructed. Wood, steel columns, concrete blocks and glass are the fundamental components of the modern architectural buildings. The structural elements are exposed in their true form without indulging into plenty of ornamentation. Hence, wood used is just stained instead of being painted so that the true form is exposed. The ideology of ��truth in material’ has been adopted in almost every building constructed on the concept of modern architecture.

Architecture Buildings

Another important mantra followed by modern architects is the mantra of “Less is more”! They concentrate on the idea of achieving aesthetic value through minimalism thereby creating a clutter-free design. They do not advocate the principle of extra ornamentation to enhance the aesthetic value of the building.

An overall simplified, clean and natural look is created for addressing the aesthetic perspective of the building. Modern architecture lays emphasis on elements like flat roofs, horizontal and vertical lines and boxy style. Complete utilization of natural resources can be seen in modern architecture buildings. For example, glasses fixed right from ceiling to the floor allow sufficient natural light to illuminate the house and keep it warm as well during winters so far.

Few hand-picked examples of modern architecture spread around the globe are
Warszawa Centralna railway station, Eureka Tower in Melbourne and Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. All these structures follow the simple geometric pattern, yet look extremely elegant and classy. They have avoided the inclusion of all types of “unnecessary detail”. The concept of surfaces meeting at 90 degree has been strictly followed in these structures.
Thanks to the great imaginative capacity of our architects the realm of modern architecture has become a fast-evolving phenomenon. The future buildings that are to be constructed will definitely be inspired by eco-friendly concept. They will not be concentrating in the construction of mere skyscrapers but more emphasis will be given to construct buildings that are environmental friendly so that our future generations can live in harmony with nature as soon as possible.Modern Architecture Buildings Conservation of natural resources by incorporation of facilities including the recycling of wastes could possibly be the next project architects would love to work on. More focus would be given to establish structures based on the efficient usage of materials, space and energy. Solar energy harvesting will be the future of modern architecture. Efforts will be taken to reduce the environmental pollution. The concept of renewable energy production will be worked upon by our future architects.